Selasa, 16 November 2010

Milky Dress

I really like to see people with smooth, bright skin :) Me, as a online seller have a lot temptation to try my product, espesially for body care like scrubing, moisturizing, etc :)

After a couple months i decide to try my milky dress stock, it contains 250gr and was made in Japan. 

After i put it to my skin, Well, I really love to see people with brightening and whitening skin plus in smooth in healthy way. That's way I have a lil' dream, one day I'm gonna have that type of skin.
I'm kinda addicted to whitening product to apply to my skin til become a bit stupid in purchasing something w/out thinking 1st.

One day, I browse via net, I saw these product called Milky Dress Whitening Lotion, made in japan with contain 250g inside. I purchased these quite long time ago.

And then, i applied the lotion into my skin directly. My first impression that this lotion make my skin so awkward and un-natural white color appear on my skin..

But, after about 15 minutes it becomes more and more natural, you can see in this picture ^^
Left : Before
Right : After

I really satisfy with the product and i think the price is worth enough, because we can get smooth color for our skin in a minutes.. It really nice on my skin. 

Since my brother is going to married this week, of course i'll use this lotion and will upload soon of my picture when using this lotion ^^

This lotion also have a very good natural scent.. I love this scent ... :)

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